Your Flourishing.


Thrive in your work.

Healthy entrepreneurs create healthy companies. Nothing is as important for the health of the organization that is being created as the health of the leader. Our environment is focused on helping our members create thriving businesses while personally growing and becoming healthier people. We focus on serving our leaders through rhythms, practices and programs that help them rightly orient their hearts and grow daily. We care just as much about how you create as much as what you create.


Practices and Rhythms

The air you breath at workflourish is built around practices and rhythms that focus on kindness, humility, meekness, patience, forgiveness, peace, thankfulness, teaching, learning, and enjoyment.

Inspiring Content

Video monitors display inspiring quotes and messages. TedTalks and videos are played at intervals around subjects of creating, thriving, or leading.

Daily Practices

Available and optional to all members are daily practices like a morning visioning session led by the community leader to clarify the top 3 things that need to be done that day while focusing on the 3 items each member is grateful for.


“In the context of one’s calling, how does one learn to see with the eyes of the heart, to see oneself as responsible for the way the world is and isn’t?”

Steven Garber


Events are an important part of the Workflourish community. Active early stage investors and advisory will meet with you to discuss your business during regularly scheduled office hours. There are events that range from social, to educational, to professional to help you and your team thrive.

Lunch and Learn

Catered lunch while our members share their knowledge and experience on a subject.

Office Hours

One-on-one sessions with investors and mentors.

WorkFlo Events

From Q conference to Ted Talks to pitch contests, WorkFlourish is the place in the city for the faith-inspired entrepreneurial community. There is a rich stream of events centered around faith and work, building great teams, leadership and more.



Your WorkPlace should serve your needs. We exist to serve our members so their lives and their companies can create human flourishing in the world. These are a few of the services that help us do this.

Library Card

Every Workflo place has a distinct library area filled with our favorite books on personal growth, organizational health, leadership, fund-raising, entrepreneurship, faith in work, theology of work, biographies, workbooks, and more. Members are welcome to grab a book and read in our reading area or take it home as an idea is being cultivated. Our libraries are designed for idea generation and soul nurturing.

Support and Encouragement

Our community leaders' definition of success is the flourishing of our members. Therefore, there is a proactive engagement by community leadership to understand a member company's mission, vision, goals, and customer type in order to initiate introductions that can help the member’s company thrive.

Service Provider Partnerships

We have partnerships with many service providers for payroll, healthcare, and other services. We collaborate on which services are the best and make easy recommendations for entrepreneurs to leverage off of the collective knowledge of the community. To learn about about some of these partnership benefits for members of Workflourish please click on links below:

Health Benefits @ WorkFlourish: