Workflo Mission.


Peter Thiel is famous for asking “what important truth does no-one agree with you on”

Our important truth is that knowledge workers and entrepreneurs are longing and need a workplace environment that provides the place, the community and the rhythms/activities that orient their hearts to greater purpose and fulfillment.

To put it simply: Inspiring Place + Inspired Community + Inspiring rhythms/habits lead to an ecosystem that creates better oriented hearts of the community which will lead to healthier organizations and ultimately greater impact.

We design and cultivate the environment, community, and practices that improve the well-being of our faith-inspired entrepreneurs and the organizations they lead.

We are a work environment where our members flourish. What is flourishing?   Emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, and relational well-being. Our mission is to see our members thrive in their life and work so they can help the flourishing of others (their family, their team, their city).


Do More Than Work

Flourish With Us