LiveFlourish is the multi-family management arm of Workflourish. Liveflourish develops, owns, and manages multi-family real estate with a specialty and emphasis on transforming the place, culture and experience to improve the well-being of our residents.


LiveFlourish asks the fundamental question. What does the place, culture, and experience of multi-family properties look like in a perfect world?  We fall short of perfect, but our vision helps us do more for and delight our residents.


The problem we solve

There is generally a lack of exceptional service from most apartment management companies. Service that is designed to delight its end users, create real and vibrant community and an overall experience that helps people live a better life.

Our management team cultivates culture, place, and experience to improve the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our residents. In doing so we  create unparalleled and identifiable value for our residents.


Service that delights

We study 5 star resorts and hotels.  Careful attention to detail about what is important to our residents are noted.  We always know when to send a celebration note and gift card for a birthday, anniversary, or new birth.  It is the little things that matter.  We show our residents we know the little things.


Our Difference

Our difference is simple. By delighting the residents and caring for their flourishing, we will have a higher retention rate and greater demand that creates great value.

Other Apartment Managers

Don’t bother us
Collect Rent
Only what is expected


Service with a smile
Create Flourishing
Surprise and Delight


Our No Commission Policy

Traditionally, leasing agents of apartments receive commissions for signing a lease with a tenant. We have decided to change this to better align us with our residents and their flourishing. Our Director of Recruiting, and other team members do not receive commissions. Rather, all LiveFlourish staff receives a bonus based on the score of a bi-annual Awesomeness Report: A simple survey that asks a few questions to determine if residents are thriving in the categories of your place, culture, and experience.. We are very clear on who we are serving and what success looks like. As a team of leaders we have one common objective: to see the residents we serve flourish.  And we love our job.


LiveFlourish Flagship Project

Ascension on the Bayou

We are honored to serve as the manager and servant leaders of the 280 residents at this community in the population center of Houston. Click below to find out more or experience for yourself.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our philosophy or discuss how LiveFlourish could curate the Place, Culture, and Experience in your multi-family assets, please contact us here.